Public Sector IT leaders do want to take advantage of intelligent technologies to improve their agency’s operations, but feel hamstrung by an inability to hire talented people and the need to “feed the beast” of legacy systems, according to a recent report from Accenture.  Federal IT leaders are particularly frustrated on personnel issues right now as the thaw continues from an earlier hiring freeze and the fact that many senior IT positions are still held by people in an “acting” capacity.  The Accenture report, though, does provide insight to contractors who want to promote modern solutions and their benefits.  If people are an issue, for example, can you show how your solution works with minimal specialized training and can minimize the need for new staff that may or may not come?  How quickly and completely can your solution replace an aging legacy system so that there can be a seamless transition?  Public sector officials are also interested in such topics as how biometrics, advanced analytics and predictive modeling could improve service delivery and reduce risk.  Knowing your prospect’s needs and how to overcome their obstacles can help you close more business.