Ever taken a look at the Excluded Parties List on the GSA SAM web site?  If you’re a contractor, you absolutely should be reviewing this list periodically to make sure that the companies – and people – you’re thinking about doing business with are not on this list.  Just as your company doesn’t want to end up on this list, you don’t want to accidentally hire or team with an entity on it, either.  That’s a fast way for your firm to come under scrutiny.  Our own recent scan showed that there were a lot more people on the list than companies.  Contractor employees need to know that they can end up on this list if they, or their company, knowingly violate federal contract rules, benefit from the violation, and do nothing.  Further, the attorneys hired by the firm work for the firm.  In the event of any actual investigation, individuals should consider having their own counsel.  It is important to remember that landing on the EPLS also prevents you and your firm from doing business with state and local governments and from being a federal subcontractor.  If you haven’t looked at the EPLS recently, visit the SAM site now.  Make sure, too, that this is one list you’re never on.