General Services Administration Senior Procurement Executive Jeff Koses told an industry gathering October 5th that his agency is preparing to work with a smaller federal workforce and one that is increasingly spread out.  The agencies challenge is also a challenge for contractors, he stated, who must recognize these trends when planning their approach to future federal business.  Koses sited directives from the Trump Administration that each Executive Branch agency should planning on trimming its workforce.  The trend to shed federal real estate also continues, meaning that remaining federal workers will be working from home or in a more regionally-based format.  Service contractors may benefit most from these trends.  While the federal workforce shrinks, agency missions are not.  At the same time, shrinking numbers and less office space may pose challenges for product companies.  One potential silver lining:  total DOD numbers might actually increase if the Administration gets its way on the size of those in uniform across all military services.   No matter what your company provides to the federal market, though, it must be prepared to succeed in a field with fewer feds and less office space.