The new hot thing in government contracting, at least in the Department of Defense, is Other Transaction Authority (OTA).  To be sure, this is an exciting tool that will be increasingly used, at least until someone messes it up by being overly ambitious.  The bottom line remains, however, that contractors need to be where their government customers can find them, whatever the acquisition method.  Sometimes that will be using the OTA tool, sometimes it will be using the GSA Schedule, other times it may be another IDIQ contract.  The key is to be visible to wherever your prospective customer is looking.  Most sales teams of successful contractors know their value proposition and differentiators by heart, but true pro’s know how to recommend an acquisition vehicle that makes it easy for the customer to get that great solution.  Don’t be agnostic on an acquisition method, especially this year when a lot needs to get done in a short period of time.  Do you have more questions than answers about how to use OTA to close a project?  So do your DOD customers.  There is, indeed, DOD guidance to be found (see the DPAP home page), but chances are you will find it before your customer does.  Whether it’s this method, Schedules, or something else, though, if you want to have some fun, don’t sing “Ob La Di”, but make sure your team is prepared to guide an uneasy customer through the acquisition process that makes the most sense for them.