Whether you call the Multiple Award Schedules program the “GSA Schedules”, “FSS” or “MAS Program”, the fact is that it belongs to contractors nearly as much as it belongs to GSA and the VA.  Neither GSA nor the VA can service government customers via the Schedules program without the participation of quality companies.  Your company has made a substantial investment in this program and, perhaps like many other firms, it is at the heart of your federal market strategy.  You aren’t just bringing your services and products to the program, you’re bringing the quality and brand name recognition that comes along with them.  This definitely helps bring customers to this specific contract vehicle.  While GSA is doing a lot of things right these days with the Schedules program, if your firm isn’t happy about how your contract is being managed or has an issue with a specific regulation, you have every right to speak up.  Associations are one way to make your voice heard, but don’t discount your ability to make change individually, either.  It’s a big government and someone will listen to what you have to say.  You’re firm is not a second class citizen and your presence on the Schedules program benefits GSA and the VA just as much as it benefits you and the end customer.  Take action to change things if you’re not happy with how your program is being run.