As we approach the time when individual federal offices will actually have their final budget numbers for the next 6 months, here are three things your company should be focused on now:  1.  Engaging Current and Potential Customers on Specific Projects:  Most federal buyers have some idea of what they’re going to buy for the rest of the year.  How do your solutions match up?  The time to pitch ideas that don’t match with allocated money is largely (though never entirely) gone.  Make sure you know what your customers are looking for and meet or exceed their needs.  Also, do they know how they’re going to buy?  If not, you should be prepared to recommend acquisition solutions.  2.  Engaging with industry partners:  If your solutions don’t meet all of your target customer’s needs, it’s time to team up or partner with companies that can.  This doesn’t just include technical or professional capabilities, but extends to socio-economic status, too.  Some customers will insist that they can “only” buy from contractors with certain designations.  Even though that may be an “excuse” and not a reason, make sure you’re prepared with team members that provide both expertise and socio-economic designations.  3. Pay attention to details:  Yes, business is going to move quickly.  There will be pressure to cut corners and move to the next opportunity even as the last one is not totally finished.  This is where costly mistakes are usually made.  Make sure you keep the money you make and don’t have to pay it back to the feds in the form of fines or penalties.  Pay attention to the details and make sure business is done right.