No fewer than three panels are currently examining DOD acquisition rules to see what can be trimmed, modified or eliminated in the name of more efficient DOD acquisition.  The leader of one group stated recently that his goal is to eliminate or modify fully 50% of rules that currently make up the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFAR).  That could meansignificantly lower overhead for contractors and an emphasis on moving at the speed of need.  At the same time, however, stories about the wrong-doings of individual contractors – particularly those in Afghanistan – may result in a backlash of new rules from concerned Congressmen and Senators.  Acquisition reform sounds good until there is fresh evidence of fraud, waste, and abuse.  Nevertheless, “This spring cleanup is really looking at the entire DFARS, soup to nuts,” said Brigadier Gen. Michael Hoskin, the Army’s director for contracting, a member of the intra- DOD task force.  In addition, the Section 809 Panel is developing line-by-line legislative proposals to eliminate, restrict, or modify the applicability of thousands of DOD acquisition rules from various types of procurements.  In the meantime, others at DOD are looking at waiving rules or non-statutory requirements all with the aim of speeding acquisition.  Could a streamlined justification procedure for DOD use of other agency IDIQ contracts be in the mix?  Contractors not only should be aware of these complementary processes, but offer suggestions like this one   Reducing overhead and cost is good for both industry and government.