Although many government contractors are aware of the limitations of e-mail based marketing campaigns, we still do get requests from companies asking where they can obtain a list of federal agency e-mail addresses.  Let’s be clear: Your federal prospect is likely deluged by dozens of promotional e-mails each week, if not daily.   The time and money you sink into a straight e-mail approach would be better spent on a training class on the marketing approaches that do work.  So, what is it that your federal prospect might look at?  Content.  Over and over federal buyers say that they’re looking for real, “chewable” content, whether in the form of newsletters, sponsored content on web-sites or even YouTube-based videos.  Think about it.  Federal buyers may acquire many different types of goods and services throughout the year.  They can’t possibly be experts in everything.  They need ways to get smart quickly.  “How to” or other informative content that goes beyond buzzwords helps them better understand market segments.  What’s more:  Your firm will have established itself as a thought leader in a specific segment.  If the agency is in the pre-RFP/Q stage that could mean that you actually get invited for in-person discussions.  Experienced contractors know that being seen as a resources for answers is a great way to build relationships, a key component of federal business success.  If you do have an e-mail list, send a newsletter or other content-focused message.  Keep the introductory notes to LinkedIn.