We always recommend using the time immediately after the end of the fiscal year to work on networking.  Most of the effort, properly, goes toward cultivating better relationships with government officialsHow much time do you spend improving relationships with your small business partners and other team members, though?  If you’re still using the same team as FY’15, it may be time to make sure these relationships are still serving you well.  While there has been a net outflow of smaller businesses in the government market over the past several years, some that have entered in are uniquely adept at both offering new technologies and making use of innovative acquisition methods such as OTA’s (see above) or GSA’s Commercial Solutions Offering (CSO).  Teaming up with these businesses can help broaden your reach in the government market by making better use of innovative acquisition methods while providing you with a technological edge.  Certainly, existing partners need attention, as well.  Good partners are worth their weight in gold.  It’s never a bad thing, though, to look around and see what new entries may have to offer.  When you’re in the business of providing cutting edge solutions to federal agencies, it’s good to have partners that can keep you sharp