October and November can be just as busy for government contractors as August and September, but for different reasons.  If you’re wondering what we mean by that, here are three things that smart contractors are doing now:

1.  Increasing Their KnowledgeWhether it’s through a training class or conference, the calendar is full of these activities and many contract and BD professionals attend more than one. This includes contract compliance and ethics training.  These may not be glamorous, but they are absolutely essential if you want the government to write you checks without your having to write checks back to the government.

2Networking:  In addition to increasing your knowledge base, events are great for expanding your network.  Whether it’s a key new contact with another company, a new federal face, or an opportunity for your own personal advancement, it is vital to remember that government acquisition is a relationship-based business.  There is no better time than right now to build on your existing network.

3.  Showing Their Customers Their FY’19 “Model Year” Lineup:  The start of the fiscal year may be the best time to roll out new solutions and services.  Think of it as your “2019 Federal Model Year”.  Prospective federal customers often have more time to meet in the first and second quarters of the year – and they absolutely do want to know what’s new and innovative.  Make sure you’ve got glossy new things to show them, in addition to the reliable stuff they’ll probably actually buy later.  The bottom line is that this is the time of year you set the foundation for sales success down the road.