Humanitarian aid to provide better care for migrants at the border and increased funds for DOD are the major parts of a massive aid bill Congress passed late last week and sent to President Trump for his signature.  Significant new money will flow to the southern border for humanitarian relief if, as expected, the President signs the measure.  Health and Human Services will get the bulk of the money for things such as improved migrant child health care.  DHS would also receive funds, mainly for ICE and the Customs and Border Protection offices.  There will certainly be opportunities for contractors from the passage of this measure. $50 million is included, for example, for data systems and analysis.  In addition, logistical help in delivering aid, tracking technology, medical care, and other assistance to ensure security are just some areas that will likely see increased need for contractor help.  Some of the money will certainly make it onto the street during the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, though there is no way all $4.6B can be processed.  In addition to this funding, the Pentagon will receive $145 million in extra money, likely for missions related to supporting the other agencies.  Contractors may want to discuss the potential for business here with their DOD counterparts.