Two senior CIO’s resigned just last week after Congressional hounding over their performance, or perceived lack thereof.  Just how culpable these specific individuals were in contributing their agencies’ difficulties is debatable.  Regardless, federal contractors need to sit up and take notice.  As a former Washington D.C. sportscaster once said, “You’re next.”  Federal business can often be charged with political overtones, but that’s particularly true in an election year.  Not only can your company get caught up in the mess if things go wrong with your projects, even good projects can come in for scrutiny this year if they’re high profile or with high profile agencies, such as the VA.  All federal contractors need to understand this and make sure their reps in the field understand it as well.  Engineers may think they’re working on a technical problem.  Probably, but there may also be another side to the project.  Make sure your firm understands the political climate in which you’re doing business.  Remember the maxim, “We don’t want to end up on the front page of the Washington Post.”