Our Services Include

  • Contract Representation
  • Negotiation
  • GSA Training
  • Budget Analysis
  • Expert Witness Services

Specifically Tailored For Each Client

Each Allen Federal engagement is unique because our clients are all unique!

We Provide Answers

Imagine: You're in front of a federal Contracting Officer who doesn't know how to properly buy your solution. How can you help her apply the right rules and close a sale for your company? With Allen Federal you will have access to the answers you need to close that business. That's a win not just for you, but your federal business counterpart, too. We're already known for providing just that sort of information and have helped numerous firms in getting unsure contracting officers to "yes".

That's just one example of the type of information Allen Federal provides its clients. We provide interpretations on procurement rules, new and pending contract legislation and more. The better informed you are, the better off you will be when sitting in front of a federal buyer. You can make smart choices about what business to pursue and how to do it right.

We're so convinced that information is key, that we provide our clients with weekly updates on the latest federal market changes through our e-letter "The Week Ahead".

We Provide Strategic Training

Allen Federal provides training to its clients up to four times a year. We will even come to your site. This training is specifically tailored to your firm, but generally includes the latest information on federal market trends, key players, the latest regulatory changes. How important is that to you? Consider: Allen Federal executives were among the first to provide training to government contractors on ARRA rules, helping companies make critical decisions on whether and how to pursue such business. As a result, companies made better decisions about whether the expense of complying with ARRA rules was worth it to them.


Don't like some of the rules that govern your contract? Want to suggest new ideas and have them heard by the right people? Need to meet critical government market officials? Contract offers or modifications being held up? Allen Federal represents its clients on these matters and more. We have the experience and reputation you need to ensure that your firm's concerns are heard and are crafted in a way that maximizes your opportunities for success. We work with you to put together sound, concise position papers. We set up discussions with key procurement decision makers in and out of government. We will ensure that your views are professionally represented and heard at whatever level of government is most appropriate.


Relationships are of critical importance in the federal market, just as they are everywhere else. Allen Federal can assist you in developing or enhancing the contacts and business relationships you need to accelerate your federal business. Whether it's a one-on-one meeting, an introduction to a possible business partner, or an informal gathering in one of our "meet and greet" gatherings, we put our 27 years of experience to work for you to ensure that you can make critical federal business connections.

Federal Budget Analysis Services

Allen Federal is regularly called upon by government contractors and the financial analysts that follow these companies to provide expert insight on how federal budget and spending trends will shape the government market. If you're a contractor, you must know where to focus your business development efforts in order to be successful. Who has money? Are they getting less or more? How are they spending it? Having an on-call expert to provide this analysis can be vital to your company.

If you're a financial analyst following government contractors, you need to know how spending trends will impact the companies you follow. What do tight markets mean for established contractors? How are they reacting to tighter budgets? Which companies appear to be more nimble in figuring out new trends? How will newer market entries compete? Allen Federal provides timely, expert advice to financial analysts and has a solid track record of service in this arena. Whether on retainer or by the hour, we can help you understand the federal market and what it means to your investors.

Proposal Review Services

Need an experienced eye to serve as part of your proposal review team? Allen Federal works with major government contractors to provide an experienced, fresh set of eyes to review your vital proposal. We work as part of a team, along with professional proposal managers and experts, to identify potential weaknesses in your proposals, ensure your responsiveness to the original government RFP or RFQ and make timely recommendations to fine tune your proposal to ensure maximum business success. Proposal management experts are vital to your success, adding Allen Federal to your review team is like giving them a turbo boost for your bottom line!

Expert Witness Services

Larry Allen, President of Allen Federal, is an expert in many types of government contracting, including Multiple Award Schedule contract compliance matters. Larry has successfully worked with defense attorneys on important False Claims Act cases involving detailed analysis of Trade Agreements Act applicability to Schedule contracts and other matters. Allen Federal should be part of your False Claims Act team.

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